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5 Time-Saving Social Media Management Tips

Time is money and if we are to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations we need to do more in less time…

Our clients trust us (and pay us) to manage their social media platforms. This requires our team to source and publish engaging content, monitor, and continually measure, digital performance in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Time is money and if we are to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations we need to deliver more within our resource allocations.

The same applies to the many organisations who manage their social media in-house. Often one of the many responsibilities of a marketing manager or coordinator, delivering an exceptional social media programme, becomes about time efficiency.

So whether we are working on our clients’ accounts or Quartermaster’s social media platforms, here are five time saving tips that we live by:

#1 Create a routine that works for you

It’s important to experiment and find a routine that works for you, then stick to it. In a multi-tasking environment creating and posting content should not disrupt and dictate your daily work flow. Set aside a weekly time slot to get the content development and publishing tasks out of the way. You can then focus on engaging and optimising the conversations your posts create.

#2 Focus on the best platforms for your business

Do more with less – it’s pointless to post on a platform that doesn’t suit your business. If you’re unsure what platforms are best for your audiences invest in a professional social media audit. It’s the old adage – make sure you are doing the right thing and then do it right. It will save you time and wasted money.

#3 Plan your content in advance

Planning ahead rather than dashing around at the last minute means you’re working efficiently. A social media editorial calendar is an absolute necessity if you want to plan, create, execute, and review content in an orderly fashion. You will also free up more of your time to spend building and engaging with your audience.

#4 Automate tasks

Embrace automation for repetitive tasks that don’t require human interaction. For example, you could schedule your social media posts in advance to be published at your desired date/time. Social media management apps allow you to batch your tasks, saving you time because you’re focused on one thing with all the right tools in front of you, much like a production line in a factory. We have recently converted our social media management platform from Hootsuite to Sendible which I would recommend to those wishing to manage their Social Media in-house. Why? It has an uncomplicated user interface and simple planning and analysis tools. This adds up to improved efficiencies.

#5 Invest a little time every month to experiment and do more

Never stop learning. Take time every week to ‘up’ your social media marketing skills. Bookmark articles that will feed your thirst for knowledge. Print these articles, grab a cup of coffee and get away from screen for 30 minutes to digest them.


About the Author: Alan Golden is the CEO of the Quartermaster Group and a highly experienced Marketing Strategist. He is also the lead strategist in Africa Analytics, the Group’s Digital Marketing Division.

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