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Local SEO is becoming a strategic imperative for Automotive Dealers.

This is a repost of an article I penned in 2018 and is even more relevant today. 

Throughout South Africa, are an integral part of the local community. Without an effective Local SEO Strategy their presence within the demographic footprint may be limited and potential vehicle sales and service customers could be driving straight by

In a mission to deliver relevant and usable search results, search engines such as Google.co.za are using far more than just the ‘keyword search term’ to deliver actionable search results. The explosion of smartphone technology has dramatically increased their ability to match real-time customer data to a precise, accurate location and allow us to create innovative digital experiences that will drive sales and increase loyalty.

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website and online presence so that you can gain higher search rankings for geo-targeted or local based searches. This means more potential customers see and act on your messages promoting your marque, models and services.

An effective Local SEO Strategy will enable you to take advantage of the higher conversion rates experienced within this avalanche of mobile users. It gives you the opportunity to deliver your message to a customer who is more likely to act, as they are in the immediate vicinity of your dealership. Local SEO will also improve your CRM capability and give you a competitive advantage.  

If you don’t dominate local searches, You should be asking yourself these 5 questions;

  1. Is the dealership’s “Google My Business” listing 100% complete?
  2. How mobile friendly is my website?
  3. Is my website’s on-page SEO aligned for mobile including geo-tags, NAP details, content and images.  
  4. Am I using geo-tagged PPC campaigns to drive promotional offers?  
  5. Am I getting satisfied customers to post positive reviews about my dealership?

As we are operating in a sensitised economy and a highly competitive market environment, Local SEO is no longer ‘a nice to have’, it’s an imperative.

26 August 2019

About the Author:
Alan Golden is the CEO of the digital marketing solutions agency Africa Analytics

Africa Analytics use their extensive knowledge of South Africa’s motor dealer industry to deliver cost
effective SEO and digital advertising campaigns that produce results.



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